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5 Great Ways To 'Wow' Your Patrons This Festive Season

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Christmas! It's not just a time for glad tidings, Only Fools re-runs and holding our noses as we gulp down sprouts; it's also a time for business owners of all stripes to pull out all the stops. According to more than a third of UK business owners say they make more than 20 per cent of their annual revenue over the festive season. So, whether you run a store, a small bed & breakfast, or a big hotel, Christmas really is a great opportunity to impress new patrons and hopefully keep them coming back beyond the new year. Here are five great ways to achieve this, in no particular order...

1: Invest In Quality Christmas Decorations

Creative or humorous seasonal decorations - the kind you don't see anywhere else - are probably the best way to leave a lasting impact on your visitors. Not only that, it can also raise morale within your teams! You have two options here - to purchase or to hire. If you have storage space, our advice is to purchase. Investing in good quality, durable pieces which can be used every year will save you a lot of money in the long run.

PolyWood Studios offers prop hire, purchase and installation in Birmingham and beyond. Some of our past creations include motorbiking Santas for the roof, giant bows which wrap around the building facade, MDF tree silhouettes, giant icicles and snowflakes hanging from foyer ceilings and above dining areas, giant gift tags, large light up letters, Christmas tree mannequins… even sexy Santa legs poking out of chimneys! Check out this giant bow we created and installed for Hogarth's Hotel & Restaurant below or head on over to our gallery for more inspiration!

2: Give Your Marketing Materials A Festive Overhaul

Add some Christmas pizzazz to your branding and marketing materials; Christmas menus, catalogues, brochures or flyers - whatever you feel would benefit from a festive design tweak. And once you’ve got your physical world sorted, it’s time to move your focus to your online presence. Get your business into the Yuletide spirit by creating fun, Christmas versions of your online branding - social profile images, cover images, banners, even your website can be 'Christmas-ified'. Not sure how? PolyWood's designers are always on hand to help in any way they can.

3: Offer Free Goodies

Add some Christmas cheer by offering free goodies or seasonal snacks to your visitors. It’s up to you how you do this - some may like to offer a warm drink as visitors enter the premises, while others may prefer to add a small festive gift as an accompaniment to a larger purchase. Hotels could offer goodies at the front desk, or leave them in the suites in preparation for guests’ arrivals. For an extra personal touch, you could include a personalised or playful Christmas note. There's no need to break the bank here - a complimentary hot chocolate, crunchy pretzel or Christmas cookie will have your customers beaming with an appreciative festive glow! I mean, I personally hate pretzels, but this isn't all about me.

4: Offer A Gift Wrapping Service (If You Sell Products)

Does your business sell physical items? It can add a wonderfully Christmassy feeling to offer a live gift wrapping service for your customers. Think Rowan Atkinson in ‘Love Actually’... just without the adulterous tension. You can create gorgeous, cost-effective wrapping embellishments like dried flowers and orange slices, which will give the service an extra festive feel. No wrapping-whizz in your team? Don't worry, all is not lost! PolyWood Studios offers on-site gift wrapping tutorials. Or, if you’d prefer, we can come to your establishment, set up a table and provide the friendly gift-wrapping service for you!

5: Write A Christmas Blog

Writing a Christmas blog is a great way to show off a little personality and entertain your customers. It’s also an opportunity to keep them abreast of upcoming news and events, or any discounts you are offering. You could even diarize that giant Christmas bow installation! And the best part? It’s free! All it takes is a little of your time. You don’t have to go crazy; one or two blog posts a week in the run up to Christmas will do. You never know, you might enjoy it so much you continue it full time! You could even share the responsibility around by hosting individual team members as guest writers. Your customers will really appreciate the 360 degree insight into life at your company that a good blog will provide.

You can publish your blog to your website or set up an account with a free service like Blogger, but however you publish your blog, it’s important to remember to share it on your business’ social media channels. Struggling for time or the right way with words? PolyWood Studios offers an affordable blog writing service for any time of year.

So, there you have it! Five great ways for your business to stand out from the competition this Christmas. However you choose to mark the season, we hope it attracts customers in droves!


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