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Put Me To Sleep

To sleep to sleep perchance to dream… To be honest just the chance of sleeping would be a dream.

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people with a buzzing brain. I always find it really hard to switch off. I’ll suddenly remember that I forgot to do something and shoot up in bed. Or I spend 2 hours thinking about something bad I did 5 years ago.

My brain likes to produce it’s best ideas between 2 and 5am which would be great… if I were a bat. So I fumble around for my phone so I can make a note of my brilliant idea, which normally ends up something like “flying shoes to escape bad date” or a similarly useful invention.

I particularly find that I get less sleep when I’m going through a tough time. I think of all the things I should have said, could have said. And worse than that, the things I shouldn’t have said. These thoughts don’t really help anyone and they’re the reason I like to listen to talk radio – I need the information feed into my brain to stop my needless worrying.

I used to get so angry with myself, watching the clock thinking, ok if I go to sleep now I’ll get 5 hours sleep. Then trying for 10 minutes to shutdown, to look over and see I suddenly had 4 hours to go. At around 3 hours to go, the desperation would set in, I’d frantically google methods to send me to sleep – counting sheep, tensing and relaxing muscles from my feet to my forehead, counting the pattern repeats on the ceiling. NOTHING HELPED. And by 7am I’d watched 6 cat videos, stalked 3 friends of friends and signed up for a gym in Czechoslovakia… and still not slept.

But I found the answer, late night YouTubing finally paid off. I found Sleep hypnosis.

It sounds kooky but honestly it has changed my life. I listen to Jody (Jody Whiteley – YouTube her!) ramble on and on about things until I drift off into a deep calm sleep. I’m at the point now where as soon as she says “Hi, my name is Jody” I’m out like a light!

Sleep hypnosis is wonderful and amazing and you should give it a go. Especially, if you’re like me with a restless mind.

If you’re not like me and you can fall asleep easily every single night, do me a favour – tell me the bloody secret?

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