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The One With All The Guilt

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

I wouldn’t say I have a huge amount of friends but I have some excellent ones. As I’ve grown older though, I can’t help but have a growing guilt about the way I look after my friendships. Is it just me that feels they need an assistant to rota these people in?

I’m very selfish in that I like to keep my friends separate. Dinner with the pregnant one, Box sets with the curly haired one, late night drinking with the… well all of them actually. How, are we supposed to fit all of this in to our schedule? A schedule was something I assumed only celebrities needed and now, I’m finding myself trying to calculate it via the spreadsheet in my head. Right, I must see the one up the road before the one with the new job because I saw her before the one I used to work with but I spent last weekend with the one down south so that 50% more time allotted. OH MY GOD STOP.

Why do we do it to ourselves? Friendships are supposed to be a fun relationship that we enjoy, not stress about. So I’ve decided to stop. Stop worrying. If a friendship is good, it won’t matter if you spoke yesterday or last year, you’ll pick up where you left off. If the friendship is bad, then move on.

I think the bond you have with a proper, real, legit friend is a lot like the bond you have with family. They’re your personal, exclusive, hand-picked family and you can never not love your family. It’s the rule.

I’m a rubbish friend who forgets birthdays and doesn't return calls BUT the love is real. And I feel it in my bones. This is my way of telling you.

If this has made you feel a little more loved then good and if not well… no worries mate.

And if you want to be a good friend to someone that isn't me, why not order a personalised gift through PolyWood Studios? (Sorry, had to get the link in somewhere!)

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